Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder | NEAP Project

The FASD NEAP Project is a collaboration project in which The N’ Mninoeyaa Aboriginal Health Access Center ( AHAC) is partnered with Health Sciences North, Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre, Noojmowin Teg Health Centre and Union Of Ontario Indians.

NEAP stands for North Eastern Aboriginal FASD Education Partnership Project

A little bit of history

June 2010

Position Paper was developed for Noojmowin Teg Health Centre, Mamaweswen the North Shore Tribal Council and Union of Ontario Indians to Support Improving Access For First Nations in Northeastern ON to Team Based FASD Diagnostic Services.

December 2010

Strengthening  our communities’ capacity to understand  and address FASD through education proposal was submitted to Health Canada and approved soon thereafter.

January 2011

Funding received from First Nations and Inuit Health. Program Coordinator  and Researcher hired in February 2011.

April 2011

Collaboration Agreement signed on April 8, 2011 between: Health Sciences North, Noojmowin Teg Health Centre, Union of Ontario Indians, Shkagamik Kwe Health Centre and Mamaweswen The North Shore Tribal Council

Funded by First Nations and Inuit Health Canada as a one year pilot project in 2011/2012.

Funding on a yearly basis with proposal submissions

The Two main goals of the NEAP FASD Project:

FASD Education/Curriculum

  • Develop and deliver an FASD curriculum
  • Promote FASD resources and material within catchment area
  • Support students attending the FASD Certificate Program through sponsorship and advocacy
  • Evaluate the FASD Certificate Program

FASD Support

  • Provide support to the Health Sciences North FASD Diagnostic Clinic and advocacy for the  families attending the clinic
  • FASD Networking regionally, provincially and nationally

For More Information, Contact:

Priscilla Southwind
FASD Project CoordinatorMaamwesying North Shore Community Health Services
473B – Hwy 17 West
Cutler, Ontario
P0P 1B0

Tel: 705-844-2021   Ext. 307
Fax: 705-844-2844

email: priscilla.southwind@nmninoeyaa.ca

FASD / Child Nutrition Program

FASD Planning Committee

Comprises of representation from each community that we serve, seven First Nation including the IFC in SSM. The Planning committee coordinates 1 Annual FASD Workshop for the North Shore.


The FASD Program provides each community with FASD resources, including DVD’s and books pertaining to FASD.

Health Science North Sudbury-FASD Diagnostic Clinic

This specific clinic is available from ages 6 to the 19th birthday.  Referrals can be made anonymously as long as there is a confirmation of mother exposing the fetus to alcohol during pregnancy, or referrals can be done by Health/Social Professional or self-referral on the Health Science North- Sudbury website.

FASD Adult Assessment

This assessment is for clients over the age of 18. This assessment is done by Nor West in Thunder Bay. Some of the assessment can be done through OTN.

Case Management

Referrals made to the FASD Diagnostic Clinic and the Adult Assessment will be provided with case management care. In the Circle of Care of the individual and their family, we incorporate essential services up to one year to ensure the well – being of everyone before the hand off to community worker.

Gifts from the Sacred Circle / Native Traditional Parenting Program for Families affected by FASD

There are 6 themes in this curriculum addressing issues relating to FASD, also this program can be delivered within your community.

FASD Presentations / In service

Always wanting to provide our communities with updated information as to FASD Prevention and informing the communities as to our current initiatives. This includes daycare, elementary school, secondary school and Band Staff presentation.

FASD Adult Assessment

In collaboration with St. Mike’s Hospital/ Shkagamik- Kwe Health Center and Canadian Mental Health Association in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario providing Adult FASD Assessment and Diagnosis services through OTN.

For more information please contact:

Frances Pine
FASD Coordinator
Maamwesying North Shore Community Health Services
473B – Hwy 17 West
Cutler, Ontario
P0P 1B0

Tel: 705-844-2021   Ext. 301
Fax: 705-844-2844

email: frances.pine@nmninoeyaa.ca

Tel. 705-844-2021, Ext 307